2016 Powderpuff Game

While the students in the crowd were scarce, support and spirit were not at the 2016 LHHS Powderpuff game. Smiles were passed as tickets were received, and student government was lined up behind the gates to greet and direct guests to the Junior or Senior side with eagerness and exceeding joy, not forgetting concessions with kind and quick service.Club Base Camp worked concessions, raising donations for funding.

During the first quarter, the Juniors started out with possession on their own ten yard line, but were intercepted, handing it over to the Seniors. The first touchdown was scored by number 19, Madison Oakes (senior), and a two point conversion by Ashley Gonzales. The sound of our very own silver hawk screeched over the field in a sense of victory, with Seniors leading: 8-0.

In quarter two, the Seniors scored two touchdowns; Madison Sakes passed for four touchdowns,all while two famous hits from Shrek and Madagascar played through the speakers. The first half ended with Seniors leading 24-0.

The third quarter went by too quickly to handle; Juniors and Seniors scored touchdowns left and right, and eventually lost the ball in the midst of things. The announcer asked if, “Anyone see the football?” and it was eventually found.

Finally came the fourth quarter. One Direction played as Madison Oakes scored a seventy yard touchdown, earning the Seniors a two-point conversion and, with only two seconds left on the clock, bringing the game to an end.

Ultimately, the Seniors won, with the score: 32-8.

By Jessica Petty

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