Winter Week 2016 Recap

Before the break, Lake Howell experienced its first ever winter week! Students bussed as the holiday spirit filled the air with the different themed days. The week was used to help raise various items to donate to our school’s food pantry. The week kicked off with students wearing pajamas to school, while the entertainment for the night was a dodgeball tournament. That Tuesday was the … Continue reading Winter Week 2016 Recap

Death Penalty Divided: Against

The death penalty has always been a contentious topic in America. The matter pertains to the ending of a life in order to punish the taking of a life. This debate has reached a particularly pressing crossroad. According to a 2016 Pew Research survey, support for the death penalty has fallen out of majority favor. Despite there still being more support than opposition, this new … Continue reading Death Penalty Divided: Against

A Novel Idea

  Across from the Casselberry Commons, with its comparatively grandiose Publix and the adjacent haughty Starbucks, hides a small bookshop, tucked away next to a hair salon in the Market Square Shopping Center. The sanctum lies behind its humble sign which reads, in large, dull red block letters, “Books.” The title does not fully capture what lies behind. Though, perhaps it does; books stand, stack, … Continue reading A Novel Idea