First Pep Rally of the Season

Last friday, August 25th, 2017, Lake Howell experienced its first pep rally of the year in the school’s auditorium. There were various teams that performed, much to the delight of the students. The two performances that got a lot of noisy support were the Dynasty Dance and NJROTC Drill teams. However, the addition of the first female football player to Lake Howell’s troupe had everyone screaming with excitement, proud of their school’s accomplishment. Everyone is hoping she gives Lake Howell an edge to the competition.

Other important aspects of the pep rally included Mrs. Rivas (as the announcer she raised a lot of noise), the band (played throughout the event with their well-practiced music), the football team (the very team the rally was held to support), Phi-Omega-Nu (Lake Howell’s step team), and the cheer team (with a routine that had rose excitement from all).

Mrs. Rivas kicked off the pep rally by urging Freshmen and Sophomores to stand up and represent themselves, and ended with the iconic ‘roller coaster.’ The pep rally was a boisterous event and was only one of many more to come. Most would agree that Mrs. Rivas was one of the main aspects of the pep rallies, generating the most noise from students. She did say, after all, that she “lived off the noise,” so it is no shock that she enjoys her job in these events. Though, while some students were put off by the noise, many others enjoyed it. Even 9 month old Kipton Fox, Mrs.Fox’s (cheer coach) daughter, was watching and smiling.

Of course, the main reason for the gathering was to celebrate and support the football team as they were sent to play their first home game of the season. Mrs. Rivas had confidence in the team, claiming that no matter the year she believed they would win. Other students were not so sure; a former Seminole High student even declared Lake Howell would lose as Seminole’s “football team is beast.” Everyone was excited to meet the first female player: Sophie Jackson. Students want to see how she impacts the team’s performance, and to learn more about her . As the first female football player, there is a lot of pressure on her and various expectations from students.

Throughout the entire rally the band was playing. They officially began the event and continued to play out ‘til the end. Jah-son Smith, drum major, was very proud of the other band members and their talent. Three students he gave praise the most were Jason Smith, Josh Sanchez, and Rim Benhadda. Mr. Jason Smith, a freshman in band, played a large role in the performance by excelling in his role in the clarinet feature. Mr. Sanchez and Ms. Benhadda, both just starting out in drum major were significant influences on the performance as well due to the amount of talent and leadership they display both on the field and off.

The other performances also had people shouting with pride and amazement. Dynasty Dance performed after the appearance of the football team, all clad in ruby-red lipstick with hair straightened to perfection. The girls danced wonderfully, their bodies moving in sync. All eyes were on them, feminine power clear in their movements. Afterwards Phi-Omega-Nu, the step team, had a very short but well-executed performance. They began with no music and did one short routine. They then began to leave with music playing, performing as they left. The drill team was a pleasant surprise as this was their first performance in the pep rally; many people were shocked over the perfect ripple effect of their movements. No one knew what to expect, yet they manage to have the crowds cheering them on within moments.

The pep rally had many people with sore throats, even Mrs. Rivas jested that she “barely can speak” when asked how excited she was. Despite the school showing plenty of spirit, the team did lose later that evening. Perhaps next time Lake Howell can raise enough spirit to push the football team further.

By: Mylena Ferman

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