Early Childhood

While most of our students spend their entire time at school sitting in a desk and listening to lecture, some of our students step onto the other side of the desk. As part of the career tech program at Lake Howell, Early Childhood Education serves as a full functioning preschool run by high school students. At Little Hawks Preschool, students can learn hands on about childhood development, working together and communication. Teachers in the preschool can take away some more concrete things too, such a CPR Certification, Department of Children and Families training, Child Development Associate license and college credit! Even more than this, students can take away a future sense of direction from the program, Lizzy Mattei (Senior) said Little Hawks “helped her realize she wants to be a teacher.” For those students who aren’t sure if they want to join, Early Childhood is a place to make friends, have fun and work with some awesome kids!   

By: Genna Rose

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