Interview with Sophie Jackson

Sophie Jackson (Senior) has become the first female football player in the history of Lake Howell. She’s played soccer most of her life and now with her previous skills, she’s become a very good kicker. I sat down with her and asked her about how it felt being the first female player.


Tomas: How did the process of getting on the team happen?

Sophie: One day I was out on the field kicking field goals with coach Harvey for fun, and Wensyl was out there and started watching me. He then asked me to come out for pre-season to try out. From there everything just happened so fast.

Tomas: How did your parents react to you moving the team?

Sophie: Of course they were a little concerned about a number of things, but they were very supportive and I’m forever thankful.

Tomas: When you first joined the team did the team make you feel welcome?

Sophie: Yeah, most of the boys treat me with a lot of respect and just make me feel very comfortable and welcome.

Tomas: What’s your favorite part about being on the team?

Sophie: I just love being on campus wearing the jersey on game days, I also love the atmosphere at home games. It’s the best thing ever.

Sophie and the rest of the Silver Hawks played a great game September 8th in our annual Tuskawilla Tussle, winning with a score of 35-21! Be sure to come out and support the team in upcoming games.

By: Tomas Roosen

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