Hurricane Harvey


Hurricane Harvey made landfall in southeast Texas late Friday, August 25. Initially categorized as a tropical storm, it rapidly grew into a Category 4 hurricane, with wind speeds up to 130 miles an hour.
It has since been downgraded to a tropical storm, but is expected to make landfall again. Hurricane Harvey moved across the greater Houston area, a span of 10,000 square miles holding nearly 7 million people. It has left thousands of Texas citizens without homes and forced even more to evacuate. Reports state that over 3,000 people have been rescued so far, 1,000 on Monday the 28th alone. So far, there are 38 confirmed deaths due to the hurricane, and hundreds injured.
Rainfall levels have risen as high as 47 inches, and some areas have reported nearly 8 feet of rain, causing massive floods and overflowing some of the largest reservoirs in Texas.
Thankfully, much is being done to provide aid to citizens in need. The Cajun Navy, a volunteer rescue force that rose to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, is now offering the full extent of their services, and the US Coast Guard as well as local police and fire stations have all joined the rescue efforts as well. But even this is not enough to keep the people’s panic down. As homes and roads have started flooding, people are becoming desperate for rescue, going so far as to attempt to steal rescue boats and even taking shots at the people manning them.
In every way, Hurricane Harvey has been a disaster for eastern Texas and its surrounding areas, and the damage it is dealing is still far from over.

By: Rachel Smith

Photo provided by the Global Giving Foundation

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