Interview with Mr. Kotkin

I interviewed our new principal, Mr. Kotkin, for InFlight News about who he is and what his vision is for the new school year.


Kassandra: How does it feel to be back at home at Lake Howell High School?

Mr. Kotkin: It’s awesome. I love it. I’m so glad I’m here. It’s not the same school I went to many years ago, but it is still the heart that is still identical.

Kassandra: What year did you graduate?
Mr. Kotkin: I graduated in 1990. I’m glad to say Class of ’90.

Kassandra: Are you currently married and do you have any kids?

Mr. Kotkin: Currently yes, I am currently married. I am married to my beautiful wife, Summer. We have been married for 12 years. We have 2 children, 8-year-old daughter Faith and 5-year-old Noah. They are the best part of my day.

Kassandra: Tell me more about yourself

Mr. Kotkin: I went to all Seminole County Public Schools; Red Bug Elementary, Tuskawilla Middle, and here at Lake Howell High. I went to the University of Florida, but ended up graduating at UCF. My master’s is from UCF also in education leadership. I love the Dallas Cowboys, but I bleed Orange and Blue.

Kassandra: What is your plan to help increase the graduation rate this year?

Mr. Kotkin: To address attendance and tardiness. We have such amazing teachers here, we just need to tighten and look at instruction a little bit differently in some classes not everywhere. We need to do something different in order to meet the needs of today’s kids.

Kassandra: How will you be interacting more with students?

Mr. Kotkin: I love to be with the kids. You will definitely see me at a lot of events. I usually don’t walk by people without saying hello or addressing them. I try to interact as much as I can.

Kassandra: What are you looking forward to the most this school year and many more to come?

Mr. Kotkin: Starting new traditions and bringing back old traditions from when I was a kid I want to see the school spirit come back and I want to see the reputation that we have always had where people use to fear us and respect us at a higher level, but that has to start with the us first meaning the kids. I love it.

Make sure to give Mr. Kotkin a warm Silverhawks welcome back. Go Silverhawks!

By: Kassandra Chi

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