Gender Equality Club


Elizabeth Loschiavo (12th Grade) President

For those who have never been to a meeting, how you describe GEC? 

“I think that GEC is a safe, open diverse place where all students and community members can come and share their experiences in general. You don’t have to be a certain race or gender or anything to join the club, it is just a place where you can feel safe to tell other people and learn about disparities in general.”
What are some misconceptions about the club you would like to clear up?

“So, feminism is a very controversial topic in greater society and many people misconstrue it as misandry, which is when women hate men and that they want to be superior to men and that is the opposite of what this club is about. This club is truly the same as its name, gender equality, we’re not here for one gender to be superior over the other, we’re just here to raise awareness of the disparities that occur between genders whether it’s between women and men or the binary (women and men) or the nonbinary.”

Besides discussions, what else does this club have to offer?

“I think it’s a great learning tool for people to get information to get facts about gender disparities that they can use and raise awareness themselves. They can use what they learned in the club to try and introduce their peers, their family members, the people that they have relationships with, to the world of feminism to teach people what they learned about in the club.”
What message do you want GEC to spread around the school? 

“I just hope that people understand that we’re trying to get out there is that feminism is not a bad thing, it’s not something you should be afraid and it’s not something that you should dislike. Feminism is truly for all genders. If you believe in gender equality, you are a feminist and that’s the thing that stops people from understanding feminism and understanding the club. I want people to understand that we don’t value women less than we value men. We value everyone equally and everyone can contribute to club and society equally and that’s the message that I’m trying to make sure everyone understands.”
What are some topics covered in the club and what are some future topics that you’re gonna discuss?

“Some subjects that we have covered the year before and previously, one being bread and butter issues, pay equity, and we plan to cover maternity leave and paternity leave because they are both equally important. We’ve also talked about toxic masculinity and hyper-masculinity and how that’s harmful to men and their body image. We’ve talked about the over-sexualization of women and girls in media and how it creates this image of being perfect and how it’s that harmful to young girls as well as to young boys because it sets the expectation that no one really, unless you have amazing genetics, can meet. We’ve also talked about rape culture, which is obviously a very sensitive topic, but it’s something that we felt that needed to be talked about.”
How often do you guys meet and when?

“We meet once a month and that’s either an event type meeting or it’s a discussion meeting where I’ll be presenting a presentation on a PowerPoint. We meet every first Tuesday of the month and we met in Mr. Agagnina’s room right after school. Room 1-123 and our next meeting is October 3rd.”



Ally Sickles (11th Grade) Vice President
For those who have never been to meeting, how you describe GEC?

“GEC is a group of intersectional people who want to promote and talk about gender equality, as well as gender inequality, while providing a safe place for attendees and members to share their experiences and thoughts on various topics that we cover.”
What are some misconceptions about the club you would like to clear up?

“We are most definitely not a group of man-haters who sit around after school complaining about the patriarchy and the male race. It’s not even close!”
Besides discussions what else does this club have to offer?

“We’re an intersectional club- we welcome all to a place of no judgments. We offer a group of passionate individuals who care and want to grow and share. We’re a safe place!”
What message do you want GEC to spread around the school?

“Feminism is not misandry or belittling men- feminism is gender equality. Also, gender inequality is a very prevalent, and important, issue all over the world, even in modern society. It affects every single person; not just women.”
What are some topics covered in the club and what are some future topics that you’re gonna discuss?

“Our main lesson that we focus on is intersectionality, which I explained earlier! We cover gender inequality in terms of pay, rape culture, hypersexualization of men and women in media, gender inequality in mental health, and a whole plethora of other topics. At the beginning of the year, we asked members, old and new, what they wanted to learn this year, so we’re creating lessons based on what they want!
Any additional comments about GEC? We’re very excited about this year, as well as all the passion in the club! We hope this club keeps on growing as it is!”

By: Alexa Cavarlez 

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