Silver Regiment

Whether it’s during halftime or at competitions, the Silver Regiment is always working hard to impress with their shows.
The Silver Regiment travels across the state to compete their marching show and always returns with awards to show for their hard work. In past years, the band program has taken home multiple Grand Champion awards and is a 2 time bronze medalist at state championships. This year, The band doesn’t expect anything different.
This years show is called “Bached In”. Bached in is a play on words to put a name to a show all about Bach’s classical music. The show mostly comprises of Bach composing of Little Fugue in G Minor.
“We’re not quite done putting together the show but so far it looks and feels really good! We’re getting great reactions from those following the show and can’t wait till it’s really ready to go!”
The band has not started It’s competition season yet but, It’s coming up quickly and The Silver Regiment has been out on the field constantly trying to make everything as comfortable as possible.
“I think that there’s a lot of behind the scenes work that not a lot of people realize” says Brandon Hill (Senior) “If we’re not outside working on the marching, we’re inside repping music everyday. We work really hard to put this on the field and we all really appreciate the support from the school.”
Come support this award winning and hard working program at the football games this season as well as around the state!
Picture by Nikki Dumm

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