Multicultural Month

SGA has created an event called “Multicultural Month” where throughout the month they appreciate and acknowledge the numerous cultures. Each week is devoted a particular region of the world and SGA host numerous events and facts linked to the respective culture.

What is Multicultural Month?

Multicultural Month is an SGA event which appreciates and recognizes the various cultures throughout the world. We dedicate each week to a certain region of the world and host various events and facts related to the respective culture.

Why is each week different?

Each week, as I said before, is dedicated to a certain culture, which is why they’re different. We try to cover as much of the world as possible!

What activities are going on each week?
The activities vary from week to week, based on who is in charge of the week and how much planning is given. We try to incorporate the fine arts as much as possible, such as having dance, chorus, or theatre participate. We like to include cultural clubs too, such as BACC and Hispanic Honor Society to help in our preparations.

How can students participate in Multicultural Month?
Students can participate in Multicultural Month by contacting SGA or coming to the Leadership room to present any performances they could give. We love to see student involvement in SGA as we are the voice of the students and love to see people having fun and enjoying their Lake Howell experience!

What events can students can expect for Multicultural Month?
Students can expect a variety of events throughout Multicultural Month.

Why should students participate in activities?

People should participate in the activities in order to add some fun to their week. We host these events during lunchtime for students to hang out with their friends and enjoy. It ultimately is there for the students’ enjoyment, so they should jump on the opportunity

When does it start?

Multicultural Month starts in January and usually continues into February.

Any additional comments?

I think Multicultural Month is a fantastic event for students to participate in and to help [students to appreciate other] cultures. Students should really take advantage of the events SGA and other clubs sponsor to have some fun while they’re in high school and have some time to unwind!

Why do you  participate in multicultural month?

Carlos Irizarry (12th Grade)

I would like to help support my school activities and provide funding to our other school activities and I thought it would be fun. I would like to help my friends who are also participating in leadership and provide funding.


By: Alexa Cavarlez

Featured Image courtesy of: Bacon Realty Group

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