2018 Women’s March

On January 21st, 2018 Women’s March Florida held a women’s march around Lake Eola. This march featured quite a few speakers who discussed many issues ranging the #MeToo movement, which was created for survivors of sexual assault, to DACA (the Dreamers). This was not the only march around the country. This was one of many in other places like Washington, New York, Chicago, and more. It would be easy to assume that this activity is taking place in order to speak out against current political tensions which envelop the nation, but that could not be further from the truth. This gathering was held to empower women of all kinds- cis, trans, women of color, and more. A wonderful step forward was including representation and recognition for the LGTBQ+ community. Nonbinary peoples, trans women, and all sexualities were very welcomed at the rally and incredibly accepted- in order to help others understand the struggles these individuals face, booths were set up in order to educate others on issues they may not be aware of.

There was a major push for voting with all voting parties having booths featuring information on the importance of voting and party details- “power to the polls” as it was called. There were 3+ booths set up for registering and pre- registering to vote. Pre-registering is a wonderful way to prep for the next election if you are not yet 18. As long as you will be 18 by the next election, you are eligible to pre- register.

Some of the positivity was met with negativity, however. There were some- not many, but some- less than kind protesters shouting at those attending the rally. The best way to combat hate is to spread love- which is exactly what went on at the 2018 Women’s March at Lake Eola in Florida.


By: Hannah Baird

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