Black History Month Show

tymia hill.jpg

Tymia Hill (11th Grade)

Black Achievement Cultural Club (BACC) President

What is the Black History Month Show?

The Black History month show is black culture being shown [to] students at Lake Howell High school.

Why do we have the black history month show?

To demonstrate our culture.

What acts can students expect in the black history month show?

Great singing, amazing poets, and an overall lit experience!

Why should students watch the show?

Because we are letting you know about our black culture and why you should really understand and get a good grasp of who we are.

Besides watching these performances, what else do you think students can take away from this show?

They’ll get more educated in the black culture because a lot of people don’t know about our culture and what we really have to offer.

Why do you think this show is so important?

This show is important because, like I said, people don’t know about black culture and how amazing we are and how talented we are and how talented many students at this school are, so this show shows that.

Why do you think students should know about black culture?

You should know about every culture just because wherever you go you never know what you should know. You walk into a room and you need to know about these certain people, in order to know how to speak to them and in order to know certain things to become “woke,” if you will.

Any additional comments?

I hope you guys enjoy the show! That’s it!

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