“Not Sorry”- A Poem

How are y’all always up in our face telling us how much you love our braids but when it’s time to talk about race y’all always telling us we’re such a disgrace
I’m tired of sitting around waiting for someone to stop this madness
So if no one will stand up and have the tenacity then I will…I’ll take it on and grab it straight by the throat and fight for my rights like I am the GOAT the same way my ancestors did
Regardless of who wants my people to fit in a DNA that doesn’t belong to them our skin ain’t ever gonna change all that matters is that I bleed blood and that I bruise the same way
Stop degrading my people and making them feel less than what they are ’cause we are stars baby and we shine bright because our ancestors are the diamonds in the sky that led us from slavery and they’ll set us free from the systematic oppression that these people currently have us trapped in
We’re all kin regardless of where we’re from because we all have two things in common our skin and our history
So don’t tell me we’re not related because you have no right to make that statement especially if you haven’t been through what we’ve been through that’s why me kneeling shouldn’t offend you but I’m sorry if it did boo it just means you’ll never understand the truth about you and who raised you
I’m not sorry for staying woke and realizing that y’all people are a joke I’m not sorry for being black & beautiful I’m not sorry for fighting for my rights with all my might I’m not sorry for being honest with you and expressing the ultimate truth
I’m not sorry, I’m not sorry, I’m not sorry but I am sorry that you can’t see how beautiful this world is with you and I even though we may not be able to see eye to eye. But that’s what’s so great about our world we can all see it in a different light even though it may not always be right it still shines pretty bright


Written By: Kimiya Watkins

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