Day: October 16, 2018

The Ketogenic Diet–What Is It?

It is well known that food has the power to cure many things, and help improve other ailments, such as depression[1], gastro-intestinal problems, and more. Food also has the power to help you lose fat weight, and gain muscle mass. One of the most prominent diets in recent years is the Ketogenic diet.

The ketogenic diet has been on the radar in social media, news, and TV, but nobody really understands what it entails. There have been a number of success stories, tales of incredible weight loss over a relatively short period; it seems like a thing of fiction. However, the truth is, it IS real, but there are many misconceptions about what/how to engage in this life-changing diet.

The keto diet is a diet that focuses mainly on cutting out carbs and sugar, while increasing the intake of fats and proteins. From a scientific standpoint, cutting out carbs and sugar exponentially decreases glucose in your body, which is a sugar that turns into fat (AKA, what produces belly fat and fat on other problematic areas). When you decrease glucose, your body starts to produces cells called “Ketones”, hence the name “Ketogenic;” these ketones use the fat which you already have in your body as an energy source. This process is known as “ketosis.”

The golden ratio is 2:1, meaning 2 parts fat to 1 part protein. The actual amount, in grams, depends on your body weight, but a typical adult male usually should get 100g of fat, 60g of protein, and only 40g of carbs. Again, these sizes depend on you, and your body. But the most important thing, which most of those who try the diet fail at, is to not eat ANY sugar. If you eat high amount, even low amounts of sugar, you are at risk of ruining the diet, and making yourself unhealthier than you started. The fat that you take in, combined with the sugar, creates a crazy amount of fat (on problematic areas).

If you control your diet, you will see results. Higher energy, fat loss, and overall improvement of health are just some of the many benefits of doing the ketogenic diet.[2] The ketogenic diet can even help with diabetes[3]. In the end, it cannot hurt you to try it. Cut sugar out of your diet for a week, limit your carb intake, and just try it. You will be surprised with the results, guaranteed.


By: Jaron Bullington and Abdiel Perez


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“Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda” Review

Coming of age books are witty, funny, and emotionally engaging throughout the story. The purpose of romantic comedy books is to soulfully guarantee readers to ignite their visions of fictional romance, love flings, and adventurous behavior with friends. The majority of romantic novels include the cliché yet intriguing love stories between a handsome jock and the sweet girl who lives next door. However, there happens to be an amazing love story that you rarely see at your local Barnes and Noble, a love story that’ll keep you blushing, smiling, and weeping for more once you hit the last page. Love, Simon is a moving story between two teenage boys who hopelessly fall for each other in high school.


Simon Spier is a charming and introverted high school student who is navigating through life’s moments, both the good and the stressful. He has three quirky best friends and a supportive, loving family who is always by his side. Despite Simon’s easygoing academic and social life, he does have one huge secret that he keeps to himself: nobody knows that he’s gay. This book centers around Simon’s journey through self-acceptance and the pressure he undergoes while hiding his true identity. Further into the reading, Simon meets another closeted gay kid whom he soon falls for romantically. They began to exchange emails discussing their common interests while sending flirtatious jokes between one another. The downfall of Spier’s romantic interest is that he is anonymous and remains unknown to Simon’s eyes. Therefore, Simon and the unknown boy continues to share a sweet bond virtually rather than physically. Everything is going well until Simon is blackmailed and then outed to the whole student body of Timbercreek High. Does revealing the emails between Simon and his love interest end the blissful connection they once shared? Will this complicated time drive Simon to reveal his sexuality? You must read to find out.


Love, Simon embarks on romance and sets a foundation that can reassure members of the LGBTQ community that they’re deserving of love. As some may ridicule the idea of same sex love, this novel helps to disintegrate the idea that people should be ashamed of their sexuality. Simon faces pressure coming out to his loved ones and everyone at school. The roller coaster of emotions Simon endures can be relatable to teens struggling with self-acceptance of their love preference. Frankly, some teenagers are open with their sexuality and dismissive towards any sort of judgement. However, those who remain closeted, just like Simon, can learn a valuable lesson from this book. The LGBTQ+ community can gain confidence to come out to those around them. This book is also eye-opening to those who continuously spread hate and judgment towards homosexuality. Supporting this book can bring awareness towards LGBTQ+ issues in the media and could increase the likelihood for more books such as this one. Despite the confusing and tough times through romance, I recommend this book because it perfectly portrays a love story that is compassionate, heartwarming, and beautiful in all forms. After all, we all deserve a good love story right?


By: Maxine Polycarpe