Our Staff

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Rachel Smith – Co-Editor

Rachel is a senior at Lake Howell High. They have a wide array of interests, such as reading, writing, drawing, and playing video games. They are co-editor of Lake Howell In-Flight as well as vice president of the National English Honors Society, and hope to go to a small liberal arts college to pursue English or journalism.


Tomas Roosen – Co-Editor

Tomas Roosen is a senior at Lake Howell. He is the captain of the varsity soccer team and has been on the team for 3 years. He also plays club soccer and is a state cup champ. He love sleeping and watching shows, his favorite is Game of Thrones.



Veronica Sulbaran – Staff Writer/Vlogger

Veronica Sulbaran is 18 years old and in 12th grade. She is bilingual (Spanish and English). She is also Venezuelan and  loves empanadas. Veronica loves to draw and spend time resting.

My name is Vanessa Correa. I am a senior at Lake Howell High. I like to sleep and shop! I am making a vlog that talks about in-school events and interviews people around the campus.


Hannah Tran – Teacher Trivia Writer

Hannah Tran is a senior at Lake Howell High School. She participates in student government, Asian club, and Future Healthcare Professionals of America and is the senior Class Historian. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies and using Yelp to find restaurants.

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Ally Sickles- Review Writer

Allison is a senior in high school who spends her time traveling, thinking about classic romance films, learning languages, searching for new bands to listen to, and writing about all of the above.


Cesar Dominguez – Sports Writer

Hi my name is Cesar Dominguez, part of the Class of 2019. I’m part of the Varsity Soccer team and I’m really interested in sports in general. I would like to be covering sports throughout this school year.


Maxine Polycarpe – Review Writer

Maxine is a senior who loves and looks up to Zendaya, reading classic novels and those about activism, and wants to live in New York City in the future.


Laura Pearson- Sports Writer

Laura Pearson is in 12th grade. She is going into the Marine Corps. She is the captain of the girls’ lacrosse team and is excited to be writing about sports.


Guilianna Maldonado – Photographer

Guilianna Maldonado is 15 years old and is currently a sophomore at Lake Howell High School. She’s from Venezuela and speaks both English and Spanish. She’s also on the dance team, and aspires to be there for the rest of high school.


Jaron Bullington- Politics Writer

Hey! My name is Jaron Bullington, I’m a senior here at Lake Howell High. I enjoy playing and practicing music in my spare time, and I play with a band called the Fourth Position (I play bass and drums in the band). Writing has also been a huge passion of mine that I haven’t gotten to explore very much until now, in newspaper! I plan to write a lot about current events and politics. I love speaking, debating, and having conversations about politics and the goings-on in life, and I think that writing about it is going to make my love for it even better!


Keishaun “Teddy” Burrows – Sports Writer

 My name is Keishaun ”Teddy” Burrows. I play football for the school and my number is #41. I will be covering the sports section of the newspaper , or other projects I can get my hands on.


Madison Moore – Campus News Writer

Madison Moore, 17, has a strong interest in writing about football. She attends all school activities and is looking forward to powder puff this year.


Abdiel Perez – Current Events Writer

I’m Abdiel, I like to talk about pertinent events across the globe. I like movies, music and video games. Anything that’s important and can affect our lives is a topic I am willing to talk about.