Slavery in Libya

This week, CNN released a video containing footage of sub-Saharan migrants being sold at auction in Libya. Libya is a transit country for tens of thousands of migrants who are fleeing their home countries due to economic or political conflict. Most try to make their way to Europe in search of better opportunities, selling everything they own to finance the journey across the Mediterranean. Recently, … Continue reading Slavery in Libya

Football Season Comes to a Close

Lake Howell football has come to an end. The Hawks ended the season with a record of 3-7. Lake Howell students are very proud of the team and how well they stuck together, even through tough times, which included 3 games that were barely lost in overtime. The boys ended the season with a very close game against the Oviedo Lions but came up short. … Continue reading Football Season Comes to a Close

Lake Howell Blackout

¬†On Friday November 10, 2017 a group of students got together and held an organized blackout at Lake Howell High School. A blackout is when a group of people wear all black to signify that they are against something that has happened or is happening; a blackout typically happens within the African American community. The blackout was not organized as a part of Lake Howell’s … Continue reading Lake Howell Blackout

Helping Puerto Rico

Over a month after the devastating Hurricane Maria hit the coasts of Puerto Rico, the country still faces new and worsening problems every single day. Medical supplies are still scarce, and even now, six weeks after the hurricane originally hit, 70% of Puerto Rico is still without power. Lakeland Electric, a utility company based in Central Florida, has been conducting assistance for Puerto Rico since … Continue reading Helping Puerto Rico