Black History Month Show

Tymia Hill (11th Grade) Black Achievement Cultural Club (BACC) President What is the Black History Month Show? The Black History month show is black culture being shown [to] students at Lake Howell High school. Why do we have the black history month show? To demonstrate our culture. What acts can students expect in the black history month show? Great singing, amazing poets, and an overall … Continue reading Black History Month Show

Multicultural Month

SGA has created an event called “Multicultural Month” where throughout the month they appreciate and acknowledge the numerous cultures. Each week is devoted a particular region of the world and SGA host numerous events and facts linked to the respective culture. What is Multicultural Month? Multicultural Month is an SGA event which appreciates and recognizes the various cultures throughout the world. We dedicate each week … Continue reading Multicultural Month

Lake Howell Blackout

 On Friday November 10, 2017 a group of students got together and held an organized blackout at Lake Howell High School. A blackout is when a group of people wear all black to signify that they are against something that has happened or is happening; a blackout typically happens within the African American community. The blackout was not organized as a part of Lake Howell’s … Continue reading Lake Howell Blackout