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“Not Sorry”- A Poem

How are y’all always up in our face telling us how much you love our braids but when it’s time to talk about race y’all always telling us we’re such a disgrace
I’m tired of sitting around waiting for someone to stop this madness
So if no one will stand up and have the tenacity then I will…I’ll take it on and grab it straight by the throat and fight for my rights like I am the GOAT the same way my ancestors did
Regardless of who wants my people to fit in a DNA that doesn’t belong to them our skin ain’t ever gonna change all that matters is that I bleed blood and that I bruise the same way
Stop degrading my people and making them feel less than what they are ’cause we are stars baby and we shine bright because our ancestors are the diamonds in the sky that led us from slavery and they’ll set us free from the systematic oppression that these people currently have us trapped in
We’re all kin regardless of where we’re from because we all have two things in common our skin and our history
So don’t tell me we’re not related because you have no right to make that statement especially if you haven’t been through what we’ve been through that’s why me kneeling shouldn’t offend you but I’m sorry if it did boo it just means you’ll never understand the truth about you and who raised you
I’m not sorry for staying woke and realizing that y’all people are a joke I’m not sorry for being black & beautiful I’m not sorry for fighting for my rights with all my might I’m not sorry for being honest with you and expressing the ultimate truth
I’m not sorry, I’m not sorry, I’m not sorry but I am sorry that you can’t see how beautiful this world is with you and I even though we may not be able to see eye to eye. But that’s what’s so great about our world we can all see it in a different light even though it may not always be right it still shines pretty bright


Written By: Kimiya Watkins



Arthurian legend has been an influential part of literature throughout the years. It has inspired books, TV shows, movies, and even plays. A popular version of such legend, is the movie entitled Monty Python and the Holy Grail. This particular adaptation has been adapted one step further into a musical play entitled Spamalot.

After speaking with Sean Tormey (senior), who will be playing King Arthur in the Saturday night showing of the show, he described the show as “King Arthur’s journey across England in search of knights for his army to help him find the Holy Grail.”

He went on to paint a wonderful picture of the the crazy adventure the characters and audience will journey through together during the length of the play. The “killer rabbit, the horrible knights of Ni, and some stubborn French taunters” all have their part as Arthur breaks through the fourth wall and his knights are forced to put on a Broadway show in order to complete their task of obtaining the Holy Grail.

Anyone who is a fan of the Monty Python films, or parodies in general, should most certainly stop by the show and enjoy the talent our drama department has to offer. Audience members should be prepared for singing and adventures as soon as the show begins!

Spamalot will be shown on Friday, October 27th, 2017 and Saturday, October 28th, 2017 at the Lake Howell High School auditorium. Ticket prices are $5 at the door.\

By: Hannah Baird

Silver Regiment

Whether it’s during halftime or at competitions, the Silver Regiment is always working hard to impress with their shows.
The Silver Regiment travels across the state to compete their marching show and always returns with awards to show for their hard work. In past years, the band program has taken home multiple Grand Champion awards and is a 2 time bronze medalist at state championships. This year, The band doesn’t expect anything different.
This years show is called “Bached In”. Bached in is a play on words to put a name to a show all about Bach’s classical music. The show mostly comprises of Bach composing of Little Fugue in G Minor.
“We’re not quite done putting together the show but so far it looks and feels really good! We’re getting great reactions from those following the show and can’t wait till it’s really ready to go!”
The band has not started It’s competition season yet but, It’s coming up quickly and The Silver Regiment has been out on the field constantly trying to make everything as comfortable as possible.
“I think that there’s a lot of behind the scenes work that not a lot of people realize” says Brandon Hill (Senior) “If we’re not outside working on the marching, we’re inside repping music everyday. We work really hard to put this on the field and we all really appreciate the support from the school.”
Come support this award winning and hard working program at the football games this season as well as around the state!
Picture by Nikki Dumm

Chorus Concert

The Lake Howell auditorium hosted a wonderful choir concert on October 17 for the enjoyment of everyone who attended. The concert itself was beautiful: filled with a plethora of emotions, ranging from humor to suspicion to love. With perfect music, beautiful singing, thought-out choreography, and eye-catching outfits, this choir event is by far the best I have ever had the pleasure to attend.

A couple days prior to the event, I took the time to interview various members. Everyone was excited and nervous about the upcoming event.

Jessica Petty, sophomore at LHHS, said that being in chorus “is really underrated,” and “it’s a surprising amount of work,” which, after discussing with the members, I related to.

After the performance, everyone looked tired, but they were glad that it went so well. It becomes so tiring that some students fall asleep immediately following the concert.

The concert opened with A Musical, a song I had heard a friend during practice.The lead female role, Frankie Coverini, junior at LHHS,  did an astonishing job developing the atmosphere by captivating the crowd.

My favorite songs (along with many of the audience members that spoke with me) were Do You Love Me?, Let’s Get Loud , Ballad of Sweeney Todd, and We Can Do it.

Do You Love Me? was the story of a husband asking his wife if she loved him from the musical Fiddler on the Roof. It was both humorous and heartfelt. I could easily see the affect it had on the audience. They laughed at the wife’s responses and smiled at her final response. (Yes, she loves him).

Let’s Get Loud was a female-empowering song that had the members of the Wings Show Choir wear ‘street clothes’. It was fun, sassy, and an all around great song to sing and listen to.

Ballad of Sweeney Todd was something else all together. It started and ended dramatically; right from the beginning there was a feeling of bloodshed and death. The song told the story of a barber, Sweeney Todd, who murdered his clients with the shaving blade.

My last favorite, in contrast to Sweeney Todd, was We Can Do It. This piece was performed by the LHHS Man Group, and it held a boyish feeling to it. The story held two groups: one group were the confident flirts, trying to push the shyer males to gain confidence to ask a girl out. The second group was comprised of timid boys who seemed to gain it, then lower themselves, repeatedly saying “We can’t do it!”

All in all, the performance was spectacular; stunning visuals and vocals pieced everything perfectly together. I cannot wait to go to the next one!

By Mylena Ferman