About Asian Club

Asian Club is an organization at Lake Howell that aims to educate the student body about Asian culture and society. As Asian culture is mostly overlooked in pop-culture and western society, this club attempts to showcase Asian countries and their culture. The current president is Hannah Tran, a senior at Lake Howell, and the sponsor is Mr. Agagnina. Meetings are held the third Tuesday of … Continue reading About Asian Club

A Glimpse Inside NJROTC

NJROTC is a course at Lake Howell High School. NJROTC stands for Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. NJROTC offers a lot of various opportunities and activities where you can learn about the navy and its principles as well as receive training to be leaders and better members of our society. After school teams include armed basic, unarmed basic, armed expedition, unarmed expedition, color guard, academics, … Continue reading A Glimpse Inside NJROTC

Are You Smarter Than Wedel?

Mr. Wedel has taught a variety of courses at Lake Howell, some have been A.P. U.S. History, A.P. European History, A.P. Language and Composition, and A.P. Seminar. He is known for flannels and being incredibly smart, so let’s put it to the test! Each edition of “Are you Smarter than Wedel?” will feature five trivia questions in different categories. Some of the categories will include: … Continue reading Are You Smarter Than Wedel?