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About Asian Club

Asian Club is an organization at Lake Howell that aims to educate the student body about Asian culture and society. As Asian culture is mostly overlooked in pop-culture and western society, this club attempts to showcase Asian countries and their culture. The current president is Hannah Tran, a senior at Lake Howell, and the sponsor is Mr. Agagnina. Meetings are held the third Tuesday of every month, in room 1-232, with rare exceptions.


Each month will represent a different country; for example, October was Thailand and November was the Philippines. We will enjoy cuisine from that month’s selected country as we discuss their history and the current events of the country. Our goal is to shine a light on Asian culture in a way where high school students will be able to enjoy it and interact with the culture. Asian club tries to immerse students into Asian society through discussions and cuisine; as most members consider themselves as Asian-Americans, this club acts as a safe space to discuss current events and politics with one another. It serves as a great way to learn more about Asia than you would in a normal class setting.


If you want to get more information, you can join the remind for Asian Club by texting “@lhhsac” to 81010 to stay updated on upcoming meetings and events for Asian Club. We will be sharing the date for the next meeting soon! Dues are $15 (including the shirt) and $10 (not including the shirt). Seniors must have paid dues and the requirement for meetings is at least one meeting attended in every quarter in order to receive a cord. New members are welcome at any time; Asian Club is open to every student at Lake Howell regardless of race. Asian Club is truly a rewarding experience and it is highly recommended that you join! Hope to see everyone at the next meeting!

By: Hannah Tran

A Glimpse Inside NJROTC

NJROTC is a course at Lake Howell High School. NJROTC stands for Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. NJROTC offers a lot of various opportunities and activities where you can learn about the navy and its principles as well as receive training to be leaders and better members of our society.

After school teams include armed basic, unarmed basic, armed expedition, unarmed expedition, color guard, academics, athletics, marksmanship, and orienteering. Armed basic is marching with rifles, while unarmed basic is standard drill marching. Armed expedition includes marching with rifles, like armed basic, but it also incorporates expert movements, such as spins and throws, with the rifles. Unarmed expedition, similarly, is like unarmed basic drill but with cool hand movements. Color guard features marching in a group of four, with two people holding rifles and two holding flags–normally the United States flag and another flag.

Academics is a competition between schools about military knowledge. The academics include general orders, principles of leadership, ranks, and chain of command.

Athletics is physical competition between schools, which involves students doing a series of runs, push-ups and sit-ups. Marksmanship is using air rifles in precision–in other words, shooting at targets. Orienteering is a competition where you have a compass and a map which you must use to reach certain points within a limited amount of time.

NJROTC also has other activities like fundraisers and community service. Community service and fundraisers include car washes, trash clean-ups–such as our local Dike Road clean-up and beach clean-up–as well as helping in sports events, like football games and swim meets.

The last activity a student can do in NJROTC is Leadership Academy, where three students from the school will be selected to train. The academy starts on June 17th and lasts a week. Students who attend wake up at 5:30 and go to sleep at 10:30, and must complete a physical training and get uniform inspections every day. Near the end of the academy, students participate in an inspection test, a physical fitness test (including a three mile run), and an academic test. Then, the students graduate if they passed all of the test and earn a silver cord for their uniform as a reward.        


By: Corey Hazard



Are You Smarter Than Wedel?

Mr. Wedel has taught a variety of courses at Lake Howell, some have been A.P. U.S. History, A.P. European History, A.P. Language and Composition, and A.P. Seminar. He is known for flannels and being incredibly smart, so let’s put it to the test! Each edition of “Are you Smarter than Wedel?” will feature five trivia questions in different categories. Some of the categories will include: geography, history, science, sports, pop culture, and current events. A participating student from each grade will be asked the same five questions as Mr. Wedel, and then the point values will be added up to see how everybody does. If you wish to participate in the trivia, please contact the InFlight email, lakehowellnews@gmail.com!


By: Katie Groves

Interview with Mr. Kotkin

I interviewed our new principal, Mr. Kotkin, for InFlight News about who he is and what his vision is for the new school year.


Kassandra: How does it feel to be back at home at Lake Howell High School?

Mr. Kotkin: It’s awesome. I love it. I’m so glad I’m here. It’s not the same school I went to many years ago, but it is still the heart that is still identical.

Kassandra: What year did you graduate?
Mr. Kotkin: I graduated in 1990. I’m glad to say Class of ’90.

Kassandra: Are you currently married and do you have any kids?

Mr. Kotkin: Currently yes, I am currently married. I am married to my beautiful wife, Summer. We have been married for 12 years. We have 2 children, 8-year-old daughter Faith and 5-year-old Noah. They are the best part of my day.

Kassandra: Tell me more about yourself

Mr. Kotkin: I went to all Seminole County Public Schools; Red Bug Elementary, Tuskawilla Middle, and here at Lake Howell High. I went to the University of Florida, but ended up graduating at UCF. My master’s is from UCF also in education leadership. I love the Dallas Cowboys, but I bleed Orange and Blue.

Kassandra: What is your plan to help increase the graduation rate this year?

Mr. Kotkin: To address attendance and tardiness. We have such amazing teachers here, we just need to tighten and look at instruction a little bit differently in some classes not everywhere. We need to do something different in order to meet the needs of today’s kids.

Kassandra: How will you be interacting more with students?

Mr. Kotkin: I love to be with the kids. You will definitely see me at a lot of events. I usually don’t walk by people without saying hello or addressing them. I try to interact as much as I can.

Kassandra: What are you looking forward to the most this school year and many more to come?

Mr. Kotkin: Starting new traditions and bringing back old traditions from when I was a kid I want to see the school spirit come back and I want to see the reputation that we have always had where people use to fear us and respect us at a higher level, but that has to start with the us first meaning the kids. I love it.

Make sure to give Mr. Kotkin a warm Silverhawks welcome back. Go Silverhawks!

By: Kassandra Chi