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“Birdbox” Review

A new Netflix movie has surfaced and is taking over the Internet. It’s called “Birdbox.” People are raging about this new movie and even coming up with real-life challenges based on things that happen in the movie. Although “Birdbox” is classified as a horror movie, it contains more suspense than a typical horror movie, moving it slightly towards “thriller” territory.


“Birdbox” is set five years in the past, where it shows the world–just as normal as it is today–and the main character, Mallory, who is pregnant. Mallory’s sister tells her about an insane mass suicide going on in Russia, but she brushes it off and doesn’t worry. Instead, she decides to simply go about her normal day, which includes a check-up with her OB/GYN. While leaving the hospital, Mallory sees a girl trying to kill herself, and experiences one of the first signs that whatever is happening in Russia is now happening in the U.S. Mallory and her sister hurry home, but on their way, they come across chaos within the streets–it isn’t even safe for them to be on the road. Mallory’s sister abandons her, but thankfully, Mallory, shell-shocked and confused, is helped by a man and woman who bring her into a safe home along with other people. These survivors stay together and come to find out that the only way to survive is to avoid going outside–and that if you have to, you need to keep your eyes covered. The “entity” is outside, and if you look at it, you see your worst fears and end up killing yourself.


The movie then goes on about Mallory not only having her child but also adopting another one, and tells the story of how they survive. The movie itself succeeded in getting me hooked onto the storyline, and had me wondering what would happen every minute of the movie, which kept me anxious for what was going to happen next. It had me on the edge of my seat at some points, I didn’t know what was going to happen, and I was worried my favorite character was going to die. However, I also found it a bit all over the place, because it would go back and forth between the present and past what seemed like every few minutes. I also felt like a lot of questions were left unanswered.  I would recommend this movie to people who love a good suspenseful movie and who have maybe seen “A Quiet Place” and really liked it. I would rate this movie an 8 out of 10 overall.


By: Rylee Tuzzeo and Cesar Dominguez

“Halloween” Review

Recently, I watched one of the best movies of 2018–a horror movie called “Halloween.” Halloween is a horror movie that is supposed to be a sequel to the first and original “Halloween,” made in 1978. Although there have been 5 other movies produced in the span of 40 years, fans are asked to ignore them all–except for the first one, as the new one is still connected to it. The original “Halloween” is a movie about a man named Michael Myers who killed his oldest sister, Judith, when he was only six, by stabbing her–which led him to be sent away, but he eventually escaped at 21, in search of more people to kill. In fact, Michael murders almost anyone that comes across his path.


The new “Halloween” starts with Michael being held in a psych hospital-slash-prison facility. Two reporters want to learn more about Michael, so they go to visit him, only to find that he doesn’t talk, not even when they pull out his famous killing mask to show him. The two reporters are then informed that Michael will be transferred that night to a different facility. After their visit, the two reporters go to Laurie Strode to question her. Laurie Strode is from the original “Halloween,” where Michael killed her three friends when she was in high school and tried to kill her while she was babysitting. The whole story is focused on her search for revenge. Laurie lives in a secluded, high-security house in the middle of the woods, just waiting for him to come and try to kill her again. Later, the viewer learns about Laurie’s family; she has a rough relationship with her daughter and doesn’t see her granddaughter that much. Once the bus for the inmates who are being transported leaves the facility, Laurie is outside watching and has flashbacks that lead her to go to her family for help. The next scene shows that the bus has crashed and everyone inside of it, including Michael, have escaped.
Michael continues his killing spree from 40 years ago, and somehow, he ends up getting his mask back…
The movie then goes off of Michael’s escape and how Laurie protects herself and her family from the famous, scary “boogie man,” Michael Myers.
The movie itself succeeded in scaring me, to the point where I needed to cover one of my eyes to feel safe looking at the screen. However, I also found it a bit overly dramatic and unrealistic in some of the scenes. Overall, though, it was a good scare. It had me on the edge of my seat at some points and I didn’t know what was going to happen. I would recommend this movie to people who love the original “Halloween,” or those who just enjoy a well-made scary and suspenseful movie. I would rate this movie a 7.5 out of 10 compared to the first and other horror films that I have seen.


By: Rylee Tuzzeo

“Smallfoot” Movie Review

Are you looking for a new animated movie to enjoy with your family? One that is family friendly and shares a valuable lesson? Well, you’re in luck! The new animated movie “Smallfoot” has just hit the theaters, and everyone you know is either talking about it or about to be. The cast includes famous actors and actresses like Zendaya Coleman, Lebron James, Channing Tatum, and James Cordon! You don’t want to miss out on this phenomenal cast. Another reason to watch the movie is that it carries an important lesson that anyone can learn from–it teaches viewers to never judge others by their appearance and to trust the people around you. This movie is just as entertaining for adults as it is for young children. The soundtrack has catchy songs, the adventure will keep everyone wanting more, and the movie’s stellar comedy will make anyone laugh.  The movie starts off introducing us to a civilization of Yetis who believe that humans are dangerous. It all starts with a Yeti known as Migo–while adventuring, he notices a human-sized shoe and footprints on the floor. Once he notices the strange footprint, he goes home, triumphantly chanting that he has found a “smallfoot.” Everyone dismisses his excitement and considers him to be delusional. However, Migo’s friends trust him and believe that there is another “creature” other than a Yeti. The adventurous band of friends decide to search for the mysterious human to prove that they are real.


The Yetis start by going separate ways to find the human and, eventually, come across many clues. Migo and Meechee head far away from their home into the unknown and soon find a human store. Eventually, a human appears and Migo attempts to talk to the young man. Much to his dismay, though, the human can’t understand what the Yeti is saying. Communication between the two doesn’t work very well since their languages are both different. On the other hand, the young human, played by James Corden, is shocked by the event. The movie soon reveals to the audience that he has studied Yetis his whole life. Despite the initial shock, the two begin to admire each others’ presences; the human begins to take pictures of the Yeti while vlogging his unexpected experience. Migo is confused by the young man’s actions, but continues to attempt to communicate with the man. James is taken aback by the Yeti’s insistence and believes that the creature is starting to threatening him. He suddenly faints from fear, and the Yeti cheerfully picks up the human to show off to the other Yetis back home. In conclusion, “Smallfoot” is a fun, feel-good movie that will engage the audience from the start to end. Don’t forget to hit the theaters when you have a chance! You don’t want to miss this amazing movie!


By: Aly Sickles


“The Nun” Movie Review

Over the past weekend, I watched “The Nun,” a new movie that just released in the movie theaters September 6th. “The Nun” is a horror movie that ties in to the popular horror movie “The Conjuring;” it explains the story of “The Conjuring” and gives out answers towards the end that had been left unanswered at the end of “The Conjuring.”


“The Nun” is about an investigation within an abbey, a building occupied by a community of nuns, where a nun killed herself; the events begin when a priest, along with a nun, appear on the scene to find out what is going on. Little do they know, however, that there are many secrets they are going to discover. The movie opens with a young nun running for her life before she sacrifices her life in her abbey. A local man named Frenchie, who lives in the village, comes across the dead body, and the word soon gets out. A priest, Father Burke, is contacted by a church, and he goes with several other priests to investigate the scene. They are accompanied by Frenchie and a young nun named Irene, who has not completed her final vows. Frenchie, who found the body, leads both Father Burke and Sister Irene to the abbey. When they arrive, they immediately begin to feel weird vibes about the abbey and what is going on in it. The abbey is old, run down, and completely empty, with darkness all over–the perfect setting for a horror movie. The first person they come across looks suspicious and is covered head to toe in a black cloak, and she then assigns them where to stay and sleep. The first day they arrive, weird things begin to happen, and that is only the beginning.


The movie itself succeeding in scaring me to the point where I needed to cover one of my eyes and squint to look back at the screen. Overall, it was a good scare; however, I found it a bit odd due to some of the scenes. I would recommend this movie to people who love a good scare, especially the kind that pops out of nowhere, and people who love suspenseful movies. I would rate this movie a 6/10 compared to other horror films that I have watched.


By: Madison Moore

“The Meg” Review

Over the past weekend, I watched a new movie at the movie theater called The Meg. The Meg is a story about a man named Jonas, who is a retired trained rescue diver. Jonas saves many people when they encounter a enormous shark, also known as a megalodon. The movie starts with Jonas in trouble, and he ends up losing some crew members in a rescue mission. Jonas then retires from diving and moves to Thailand. Five years later, a submarine crew, working for a billionaire who funded an international undersea observation program in the middle of the ocean, gets stuck underwater beyond a ground level that has never been discovered before. Their submarine is attacked and thrown around by an unknown creature outside. They begin to run out of time and their crew, in the lab above water, begins to panic, thinking about how to rescue them. Jonas is contacted by a friend who works for the program to help save his crew, and he immediately turns it down–until he discovers his ex-wife is one of the people in trouble. Jonas comes to the rescue and is able to save the crew members; he also encounters “the Meg,” as they call it, while performing the rescue operation. The giant shark is believed to stay under the ground level due to the temperature difference, but it follows the submarine into a world it has never seen. It’s now up to Jonas to save the ocean and all the creatures that are in it from this monster.

I found the movie pretty interesting, because it was action-packed and had great special effects. The shark actually looked real and it didn’t look too fake. It had some funny moments which brightened the movie and kept it from being too serious, and those cracked some laughs in the audience. It was also suspenseful because I didn’t know what was going to happen next, and it had me on the edge of my seat. However, I found it a bit corny and cheesy as well, considering some parts were very unrealistic and the movie jumped around too much. I would recommend this movie to people who are not scared of unexpected occurrences and who like a suspenseful or funny movie. I would rate this movie a 6/10 overall because it seems very similar to the popular movie “Jaws” and isn’t as unique as it could have been.


By: Rylee Tuzzeo

IT – Original or Remake?

it promo

It has been a mere two weeks since IT has hit box offices, in that short time some major discussion has raised.  The most heated being: Which is better- the “original” or the “remake”?

To properly begin the discussion, it’s important to recognize that this is not a true remake. The first visual representation of the iconic Stephan King character was a TV mini series that constricted by audience rating and special effects. The 2017 version is more true to source material, has a bigger budget, and no true rating restriction.

That being said, the violence is one major difference. In the 1990 mini series, as it was shown on tv, most of the violence was watered down or cut away from- leaving what happened up to the viewer. In the newest incarnation of the Loser’s Club and iconic clown, very little is left to the imagination. Director Andrés Muschietti had no issue depicting the brutal nature of Pennywise the Dancing Clown, allowing him to show off his arm-ripping nature.

Another major difference are the characters motivations and development. TV has a specific time slot and therefore forced the series to be very fast paced. All emotional connection to the characters was lacking, as there simply was not enough time to develop any kind of true link to the seven main protagonists. But in a two hour and fifteen minute theatrical film, the audience was able to form a bond, to relate and see themselves in the young teens. By understanding their feelings and motivations, one felt something, and not just because they should, but because of the unconscious emotional connection to the main characters. Motivations were not assumed, but told, adding depth and emotions to the story’s characters.

wow look at the kids

Pennywise- Tim Curry or Bill Skarsgård. Tim Curry, in 1990, had been in many well known productions ranging from Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), Clue (1985), and The Hunt for Red October (1990). He was know around Hollywood for some pretty outlandish characters- people could trust him with the role. Bill Skarsgård, son of famous actor Stellan Skarsgård, and brother to quite a few other known Skarsgård’s. To his fanbase, he was known from Hemlock Grove (2013-2015) and a role in Allegiant (2016). To many, Curry IS Pennywise and nothing could change that. And then they saw Skarsgård’s performance. From the lazy eye’s, to the drooling, to the voice, people were quick to pick on the dramatic difference. Curry had a more calm nature. Creepy because he was meant to be.

In theory, it’s almost unfair to compare the two versions as they are completely different films. They represent different tones, different issues, and even a different time period (1950’s in the first, 1980’s-1990’s in the second). In IT (1990) the superior movie was part one, the second part lacking in excitement and chemistry between the leads. But if IT (2017) brings the same passion to the table for the second one as much as they did in the first, a new classic may just be born in this generation.

By: Hannah Baird

Photo: IMDb

La La Land


La La Land, directed by Damien Chazelle, hit the theaters this past year on Christmas Day. Co-starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, this musical is about a jazz musician who meets and falls in love with an aspiring actress in L.A. This movie features amazing acting performances by the duo, beautiful cinematography, a captivating romance, high quality directing, and astounding musical composition with entertaining dance numbers to accompany them.

The quality of movies lately has been on a decline. Everything released nowadays is a sequel, reboot, remake, or based off an unoriginal story. Film is losing its art form. La La Land was a return to the old way of making movies. Its originality was such a relief to see after the spout of orthodoxy that has recently been presented by Hollywood.

Its craftily written music and dance routines (particularly a tap-duet performed by Gosling and Stone) left the audiences humming to themselves after exiting the theater with smiles on their faces. With the movie’s focus around jazz, it gave the entire movie a classic aura that was quite enjoyable to watch. Combined with the gorgeous cinematography, composed of bright, vibrant colors, the film submerged the viewer into the charming era of the 1950’s while remaining in present times. Damien Chazelle’s directing choices were brilliant in the making of the setting to give the feel of a different time period.

The acting by Gosling and Stone in La La Land was perfectly executed. The chemistry between the two was magical, charming, and a pleasure to watch unfold on screen. This, of course, was aided by an excellent script written by Damien Chazelle. The dialogue between the two was wittily thought and acted out.  The duet also made the audience feel the emotions the two characters were feeling, as if the audience was a part of the story along with them. The performances were captivating on an intimate level.

Chazelle has taken Hollywood by storm with his innovative and musical themes. La La Land is Chazelle’s second film, following 2014’s Whiplash, a story about a jazz drummer. Undoubtedly, Whiplash won an Oscar for J.K. Simmons’ role as well as for film editing and sound mixing. It is predictable that Whiplash will not be the last Chazelle film to win an Oscar.

The upbeat tone of the film from the fantastically done music is due to Justin Hurwitz. Hurwitz, the composer of La La Land and Whiplash, won two Golden Globes for the score and the original song, City of Stars. Hurwitz specializes in jazz music and shows off his talent with a fantastically composed piece of art.

After sweeping the Golden Globes, this movie will be considered a classic and favorite among audiences. It will go on to be nominated for multiple Oscars and will most likely take home a majority of them. A variety of people will find this movie enjoyable, whether they are into romance, theater, or just great movies. La La Land is a phenomenal film and is definitely worthwhile to sit down and watch on a lazy afternoon.
Overall rating: 9.5/10

By Brendan Reiss and Dylan M. Johnson