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Marjory Stoneman Douglas High

By far the most tragic and most terrifying school shooting since Sandy Hook, the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High Dchool on February 14th, Valentine’s Day, has claimed 17 lives, threatened 14 more, and affected hundreds in the worst way possible. The shooting strikes scarily close to home; it occurred in Broward County, Florida, less than 200 miles from Lake Howell.
The shooter has been identified as Nikolas Cruz, a 19-year-old who is a former student of the high school. He entered the school around 2 in the afternoon, armed with an AR-15 assault rifle, a bulletproof vest, and a backpack full of ammunition. Shortly after he opened fire in the classrooms. He then dropped his gun and vest and ran out with the rest of the fleeing students, making his way to a nearby Walmart, where he purchased a drink from the Subway inside before continuing on to a McDonald’s. According to TIME, it was at the McDonald’s that Cruz was found, and taken into police custody without further incident. He has been arrested under 17 charges of premeditated murder.
Students have posted many photos and videos across social media of the shooting. There are text messages from students saying goodbye to their parents, footage of SWAT teams clearing out the classrooms, and photos of laptops with bullet holes through them and blood on the floors. 17 people were killed in total, 12 within the school and others outside the building, as well as two who died in hospitals. Sixteen others are being treated at local hospitals, 5 in critical condition but the rest expected to recover.
The shooting comes as a tragedy, but not necessarily a shock. Over the past few years, there have been more than 20 calls for sercice about both Cruz and his brother to be closely investigated. Additionally, a YouTube comment about “becoming a professional school shooter” has been linked to an account whose name is “nikolas cruz.” Many students and teachers have voiced their own fears about Cruz being capable of violence.
The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting is the 6th school shooting to result in injuries since the start of 2018. In total, there have been 17 incidents of firearms in schools this year. It is also the deadliest school shooting since Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012, which took 26 lives in total.


Written By: Rachel Smith

Image courtesy of Saul Martinez for The New York Times

Multicultural Month

SGA has created an event called “Multicultural Month” where throughout the month they appreciate and acknowledge the numerous cultures. Each week is devoted a particular region of the world and SGA host numerous events and facts linked to the respective culture.

What is Multicultural Month?

Multicultural Month is an SGA event which appreciates and recognizes the various cultures throughout the world. We dedicate each week to a certain region of the world and host various events and facts related to the respective culture.

Why is each week different?

Each week, as I said before, is dedicated to a certain culture, which is why they’re different. We try to cover as much of the world as possible!

What activities are going on each week?
The activities vary from week to week, based on who is in charge of the week and how much planning is given. We try to incorporate the fine arts as much as possible, such as having dance, chorus, or theatre participate. We like to include cultural clubs too, such as BACC and Hispanic Honor Society to help in our preparations.

How can students participate in Multicultural Month?
Students can participate in Multicultural Month by contacting SGA or coming to the Leadership room to present any performances they could give. We love to see student involvement in SGA as we are the voice of the students and love to see people having fun and enjoying their Lake Howell experience!

What events can students can expect for Multicultural Month?
Students can expect a variety of events throughout Multicultural Month.

Why should students participate in activities?

People should participate in the activities in order to add some fun to their week. We host these events during lunchtime for students to hang out with their friends and enjoy. It ultimately is there for the students’ enjoyment, so they should jump on the opportunity

When does it start?

Multicultural Month starts in January and usually continues into February.

Any additional comments?

I think Multicultural Month is a fantastic event for students to participate in and to help [students to appreciate other] cultures. Students should really take advantage of the events SGA and other clubs sponsor to have some fun while they’re in high school and have some time to unwind!

Why do you  participate in multicultural month?

Carlos Irizarry (12th Grade)

I would like to help support my school activities and provide funding to our other school activities and I thought it would be fun. I would like to help my friends who are also participating in leadership and provide funding.


By: Alexa Cavarlez

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National Honors Society



Mr. Wedel (Sponsor)

Students who meet the 3.7 GPA requirement, who are not members and meet those qualifications, will receive an application to apply, which of course has to be filled out. Wedel explains how with some effort and some demonstration of volunteer hours would help in the process. Wedel also explained how the factuality community, not the sponsor will determine who will be inducted into NHS.

The club meets the first Thursday of every month and we also will be doing weekend and a few after school community services activities. The club is mostly community service based. We do work at the school, like the can food drive, we get toys and gifts for students, our own high school students, mostly does who won’t able to receive many Christmas gifts. We have done the special Olympic bowling and other volunteer activates in the past

Requirements for students to join the club:

  • Must have a 3.7 GPA
  • At least a sophomore in there in second semester
  • Can become reliable later if GPA is raised

Daisy Kim

Daisy Kim (12th Grade)

President of NHS 

How would you describe your experience in NHS as an officer?

Last year, I was the co-service chair for NHS and I think that this year being president I will use a lot of what learned from last year to.  Also, I had lot of senior friends who were co-officers with me and we got to do events, like volunteering, not just with NHS. We did a lot of joint events with Junior Civitan and FHPA. We try to do a lot of that last year. This being our second year with our sponsor and then there is a returning officers, which last year there were no returning officers. I think that it will be a lot better and easier for planning purposes

What can new incoming members expect coming into NHS this year?

They will see that NHS is an honor society and our sponsor emphasizes that we are model students. He really wants to emphasize that we are setting the example academically and nonacademic ally at school, in terms of nonacademically and behavior wise. So you’ll see stricter guidelines and I think new aspect is that we’re going to be doing more than last year and be collaborating with other clubs.

Besides volunteer hours, what else can students get out of this club?

NHS is known for four things; Character, Leadership, Service and Scholarships. Besides service, NHS is about being a good student and being someone that others can look up to and not just “Oh I’m an Honors society just so I can write that I was in it”. A lot of people believe that’s what an honor society are for, I really want this year and maybe later years, to realize the prestigious of being an honor society and there’s a reason and the people who deserve to be in will be in it.

Daisy also recommends that you try your best if your interested and that you don’t get in one year you should try the next year or the year after that.

Elizabeth Loschiavo

Elizabeth Loschiavo (12th Grade)

Vice – President of National Honor Society

How would you describe your experience in NHS?

        NHS is an honorable and superior club to be apart of and I’m very grateful to have been inducted into it and I’m very thankful to have been elected vice president. I feel like we serve our community not just our school community but the outside community as well and I hope that we continue serving the community for a long time.

What can students expect this in-coming year?

Because we’re not doing tutoring anymore, it’s Gonna be taken over by the math and honor society respectively. The students can expect much more community participation and probably if we can do the “Special Olympics Bowling Event”, like we did last year which a lot of students enjoyed and expressed gratitude for that they could be apart of. We may be teaming up with other clubs like club base camp or crochet club to help better serve the community because two clubs are better than one.

By Alexa Cavarlez