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The NCAA Stock Market

The NCAA, or the National Collegiate Athletics Association, is the stock market for athletes, fans, coaches, and much more. Most athletes dream of going “D1 ,”–for those who don’t know, that stands for ‘”Divison 1,” which is the highest rank for any athlete that plans on playing at the next level. Since the NCAA is the highest and most prestigious level for athletes, it only recruits the best of the best to play for them. Of course, you can’t have tip-top athletes without an equally high-class coach to train and support them.


Now this is where things get interesting. If the NCAA determines that you are one of the best players and accepts you to a college team, the scholarships will start coming in. They give you five years to play for them on an “athletic scholarship,” which essentially means that you’re playing the sport you’ve probably dedicated your entire life to with someone else’s money. The catch of this “free” education they are giving you, though, means that you have to obey the rules that come with it. You must have good grades–a talented student who doesn’t invest in their academic success as well isn’t worth wasting the money to sponsor. You are an investment to them; you’re playing on Saturdays, having fans come to the games, filling up the seats, and buying merchandise, food and drinks. You are an asset to them. You must perform to your highest ability both inside and outside of the classroom. When you are not at your best, it makes them look bad–as if you’re just there to hold a space on a depth chart and a seat on the bench. To them, you might as well be a waste of space if you don’t dedicate the time and effort to performing at your top level. Now, if the team as a whole isn’t doing well, it’s often the coaches’ fault, and tends to generate a lack of interest, which loses money for the program. Fans make everything happen–with little to no fans, there is no money to be made. That’s when coaches get hired and fired to help bring in money for the program . No one wants to pay to come see “losers” all the time because they want to feel like they’re on the team that is proving itself worthy and crushing its opponents in defeat. The fans want to be a part of the game, and they won’t support the team with their money unless they feel it’s worth investing in. In the end, athletes are performers, and the coaches are the directors that help keep the show running.


By: Teddy Burrows

Football Season Comes to a Close

Lake Howell football has come to an end. The Hawks ended the season with a record of 3-7. Lake Howell students are very proud of the team and how well they stuck together, even through tough times, which included 3 games that were barely lost in overtime. The boys ended the season with a very close game against the Oviedo Lions but came up short.

Ashlee Trenholm (Senior): “I attended almost every game last year and almost every game this year, and the spirit and fight in this team is exponentially higher than last year’s team. The homecoming game against Oviedo was one of the best football games I’ve ever attended. We just barely lost and, if you ask me, the refs blew it for us.” The Hawks lost 35-30 and almost scored a touchdown on their last drive of the game.

Kenyonta Skinner #13 (Senior) was the team’s leading scorer but got hurt halfway through the season. His recovery has been going well. The game against Oviedo was also senior night, and Kenyonta came in the game with his injury for one play. He managed to score, but the touchdown was overturned due to a flag on the play. “During the play I felt my knee bugging me but, as weird as it sounds, I had never felt so ready for a game in my life.”

Chase Bennett #19 (Junior) had over 200 all purpose yards and a touchdown, “As proud as I am of my performance. The disappointment in the loss is greater. I’m still very thankful for this team and very proud of the season.” Chase Bennett played his best game of the season against the Lions.

Overall, the students of Lake Howell are very proud of their team for sticking it through together this season and working their hardest.

By Tomas Roosen


U.S. Open

The U.S. Open is the 4th and final major tennis tournament of the year. The other major tournaments include The Australian Open, The French Open, and Wimbledon. The U.S. Open is played on hard courts in Flushing Meadows, New York. At these major events, women must win best 2 out of 3, 6-game sets. The men musts win best 3 out 5, 6-game sets. These matches often become incredibly long, lasting 3 or more hours.

The 2017 U.S. Open had many withdrawals, leaving the draw wide open and giving opportunities to many new and younger players. Famous names including Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray, both previous champions, did not participate this year.

Serena Williams has been out of competition for the majority of 2017 expecting her first child. She won the Australian Open in January while being 10 weeks pregnant! On September 1, Serena gave birth to her daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian. Serena Williams is planning to returning to professional competition in 2018.

Interestingly, old fan favorites Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have been the only players to win majors this year. It has been amazing to see the two of them competing at this high level even as they age into their mid to late 30’s.

Maria Sharapova competed in her first major since her lengthy ban for the use of the controversial drug Meldonium. She defeated the world number two Simona Halep in the first round, and continued her momentum through to the 4th round. She is a previous champion here and is close to returning back into the top-100 in the world.

The eventual champions of this tournament were Rafael Nadal and Sloane Stephens. Rafael Nadal won his 3rd U.S. Open and 16th overall major title. He has also recently returned to the world number one. Sloane Stephens captured her 1st ever major title this year. She had been out for over a year with a foot injury, and her ranking dropped as low as 900. With this win, she is back in the top 30!

By: Katie Groves

Girls Basketball

Lake Howell girls basketball team is on a rampage! On September, 20th the team improved their record to 6-0, beating the Hagerty Huskies by a score of 46-36. The team’s lead scorer Re’yanna Jones continued going off and scored a huge 21 points. The Hawks team chemistry against the Huskies was incredible, almost flawless.


Isabell Morales (Junior), Captain, had a few words to say about the season thus far. “The season so far has been great. The teams working together really well and it’s just been so fun.” She went on to explain that “Taking a leadership role in this team has become a really big part of [her] life, it’s hard to explain, but what [she] knows for sure [she] loves everything about this team.”

Re’yanna Jones (Junior), Captain, spoke a few words about her hopes for the rest of the season. “We really couldn’t of asked for a better start to the season. Going undefeated first 6 games has been amazing, but if we keep working hard and continue growling as a team i think we can go undefeated the whole season, And hopefully win states, but for now we’re all focused on the next game because they’re all important.”

Come out and support the Lady Hawks in their upcoming games as they try to keep their undefeated streak going! Go Hawks!

By: Tomas Roosen

Interview with Sophie Jackson

Sophie Jackson (Senior) has become the first female football player in the history of Lake Howell. She’s played soccer most of her life and now with her previous skills, she’s become a very good kicker. I sat down with her and asked her about how it felt being the first female player.


Tomas: How did the process of getting on the team happen?

Sophie: One day I was out on the field kicking field goals with coach Harvey for fun, and Wensyl was out there and started watching me. He then asked me to come out for pre-season to try out. From there everything just happened so fast.

Tomas: How did your parents react to you moving the team?

Sophie: Of course they were a little concerned about a number of things, but they were very supportive and I’m forever thankful.

Tomas: When you first joined the team did the team make you feel welcome?

Sophie: Yeah, most of the boys treat me with a lot of respect and just make me feel very comfortable and welcome.

Tomas: What’s your favorite part about being on the team?

Sophie: I just love being on campus wearing the jersey on game days, I also love the atmosphere at home games. It’s the best thing ever.

Sophie and the rest of the Silver Hawks played a great game September 8th in our annual Tuskawilla Tussle, winning with a score of 35-21! Be sure to come out and support the team in upcoming games.

By: Tomas Roosen

Volleyball Season Begins

Lake Howell volleyball starts off with a killer spike against East River High 25-27!

The volleyball players are all excited to be playing this season and expect big things. Tatiana H. (Sophomore), says she is so eager and ready for the upcoming season. She also sees herself playing a leadership role as a JV volleyball player and helping her teammates with as much possible. Speaking with Shayley P. (Junior), yells of excitement as a varsity player! She and her teammates are determined and ready to win championships! Lake Howell volleyball are used to winning districts against teams like Oviedo, Winter springs, and Hagerty high. Though it will be challenging these Silverhawks are as ready as ever to take on every set & acton to be champions!

By: Vanessa Correa

First Home Game of the Season

The Silverhawks Varsity Football team took on Seminole for the first home game of the 2017-2018 school year. Hawks had very high spirits for this game, but fell short, 41-7.

“Seminole took the ‘dub’ [win] tonight,” Greg Heyward (Senior), Varsity Captain, said after the game

One of the stand-out players during the game included Steven Mackey (Senior), who blocked passes from being caught by the Seminoles through the entirety of the game.

Dylan Hood (Junior) also made outstanding plays during the game. Hood had an interception during the first quarter helping the Hawks to get a touchdown. Unfortunately, this was not enough for the Silverhawks to win.

Right after, the offense turned it over to Seminole. The Hawks had a fall, but they are determined to take on the next teams and work harder and with tenacity to be champs this football season!

“It is one game. One ‘L.’ One loss. But we have to lose some to win them all. We will have ups and downs. We are Silverhawks; don’t sleep on us,” said Jacob St Amant (Senior), Varsity Captain.

Lake Howell’s next game is this Friday at Winter Springs High School for the annual Tuskawilla Tussle. Be there at 7:00 pm to support your school! Go Silverhawks!

By: Kassandra Chi

Upcoming Powderpuff

With the 2017-2018 school year getting underway, one of the most competitive football games of the year is quickly approaching–powderpuff! The traditional powderpuff game is played between juniors and seniors. The girls will take the field in a flag football game, and the boys will get to dress up and perform their best cheers. Those not participating are encouraged to attend so they can support their favored class!

The official date for powderpuff is set to be September 19th and all juniors and seniors are encouraged to participate in this exciting event!

Stephanie Reas, a junior at LHHS who is involved in leadership, “participating in powderpuff shows school spirit, and the funds will also go towards prom!” The more money that can be raised by powderpuff the better this year’s prom can be! The location has also been revealed and will be at the Contemporary Hall Hotel at Disney, on April 20th, 2018.

Meagan Harkins, a senior at LHHS who is also involved in leadership believes that “a friendly rivalry between classes is a good thing.” So be sure to be there on September 19th to see which class will be victorious this year!

By: Katie Groves

2017 Student-Faculty Basketball Game

On March 30, students gathered in the gymnasium to experience the annual student-faculty basketball game. Similar to those of previous years, this close game produced numerous spectacular moments. This time, it was the students who prevailed.

The first quarter saw a steady and proportional increase in the two teams’ points; both teams entered into a rhythm that produced a score of 22 (students) to 21 (faculty). In the second quarter, the faculty exchanged their lineup for a less aggressive approach. The students, however, had exchanged their lineup to include proficient, varsity level players. Such a change meant that the students dominated the faculty in the second quarter, bringing the score to 29-43. The third quarter was the complete opposite: the faculty dominated the students after bringing back their all-star players. At the end of the third, the score was tied at 57. This produced a nail-biting fourth quarter. Neither team was capable of creating a comfortable lead on the other; the changing lineups could not break this trend. With less than thirty seconds left, the score was 81 to 79 (students lead). Each time the faculty came close to the basket, the crowd fell silent and rose in anticipation (a prospective three-pointer at the sixteenth second compelled the entire audience to their feet). When the fourth quarter finished, the scoreboard offered a tie at 81 points.

Overtime would allow only three minutes of playtime, and it was imperative that every shot was a success. Once again, the score displayed an evenly matched set of players. The faculty, however, were not employing their best lineup (the one that tied the game in the third quarter). An issue affecting both teams was that the time on the clock was inaccurate because timeouts and free throws in the tense few minutes remaining caused confusion. The score was at 90 to 87 (students lead) when a faculty player was fouled while taking a three-point shot. Should this player make all three free throws, the faculty would tie the game. Should he miss two, the game was all but over. Should he only miss one, he could intentionally miss the final shot so that his team can rebound and earn the conventional two points from a shot. The first was a miss. The second went in. There was an uncertain amount of time on the clock because of the aforementioned confusion, but the faculty team would have to secure the ball and complete a shot in practically no time. The player purposely missed the final free throw, rebounded, and shot. He missed. A teammate of his rebounded that and shot again. He missed. Another teammate rebounded that and, as the buzzer went off, released the ball toward the hoop.  Unfortunately, he missed. The game ended there, in overtime, with a score of 90-88. The double overtime, possible if that shot was successful, would have produced even more edge-of-the-seat moments. No matter which team an observer was rooting for, everyone acknowledged how great a game the event was.

Overall, the 2017 student-faculty basketball game was well worth the cost. Though there were issues with the clock and a lackluster halftime event, the outing created a fun, competitive, and safe environment for students and faculty to interact. Members of SGA and all participants of the event should be proud.

Lake Howell High School’s 2017 student-faculty basketball game may be over, but there is still much to look forward to for the 2018 incarnation.

By Ryan Hill

2016 Powderpuff Game

While the students in the crowd were scarce, support and spirit were not at the 2016 LHHS Powderpuff game. Smiles were passed as tickets were received, and student government was lined up behind the gates to greet and direct guests to the Junior or Senior side with eagerness and exceeding joy, not forgetting concessions with kind and quick service.Club Base Camp worked concessions, raising donations for funding.

During the first quarter, the Juniors started out with possession on their own ten yard line, but were intercepted, handing it over to the Seniors. The first touchdown was scored by number 19, Madison Oakes (senior), and a two point conversion by Ashley Gonzales. The sound of our very own silver hawk screeched over the field in a sense of victory, with Seniors leading: 8-0.

In quarter two, the Seniors scored two touchdowns; Madison Sakes passed for four touchdowns,all while two famous hits from Shrek and Madagascar played through the speakers. The first half ended with Seniors leading 24-0.

The third quarter went by too quickly to handle; Juniors and Seniors scored touchdowns left and right, and eventually lost the ball in the midst of things. The announcer asked if, “Anyone see the football?” and it was eventually found.

Finally came the fourth quarter. One Direction played as Madison Oakes scored a seventy yard touchdown, earning the Seniors a two-point conversion and, with only two seconds left on the clock, bringing the game to an end.

Ultimately, the Seniors won, with the score: 32-8.

By Jessica Petty